Carbon Fiber Processing Equipment

AST has been an innovative force in the carbon fiber composite industry since 1991 specializing in carbon fiber processing equipment and production lines to manufacture and convert high strength carbon fiber prepreg.

Carbon Fiber Prepreg Automated Solutions

Our automated equipment for manufacturing and converting carbon fiber prepreg includes:

  • Carbon Fiber Prepreg Manufacturing
  • Carbon Fiber Prepreg Converting
  • Constant Gap Slitting
  • Automated Fiber Placement & Layup

Making Narrow Things Wide

Our equipment takes strands of carbon fiber and forms it into a continuous roll of prepreg. AST excels at high precision, high tension processes demanded by applications in the aerospace, commercial, sporting goods, and automotive markets.

Making Wide Things Narrow

Not every application can utilize a carbon fiber sheet more than a meter wide. Our slitters unwind carbon prepreg and precisely cut the correct width, rewinding it onto a new spool while electronically managing material history and traceability.

On-Going Customer Care

Just because the equipment has shipped from AST doesn’t mean that we lose sight of its long-term success.  Our Aftermarket support team is here to provide the ongoing customer support needed to ensure that the equipment is running as designed.  Whether supplying spare parts or in the field support AST is committed to your ongoing success.


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