Tabletop Vial, Syringe & Cartridge Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Filling for Small Batch Processing

AST's Container Filling System (CFS) is a bench top, semi-automatic filling machine used for filling a variety of pharmaceutical containers including vials, syringes, and cartridges.  The Container Filling System provides complete and precise control of the container filling functions to ensure a consistent and repeatable filling process.  

The Container Filling System is operated with an intuitive, high resolution touchscreen interface to create unique recipes and to control the machine.  The motion control system positions the filling needle within the container and slowly retracts as required during the filling cycle to minimize foaming, agitation and splashing of the dispensed material.  The integrated peristaltic pump gently and accurately fills the container with a pre-sterilized single-use fluid path.  The dispense system can be further enhanced with the integration of an automated fill weight verification system, or in-process control (IPC), to ensure that the containers being filled are within tightly controlled recipe parameters.

Changing the system to process different containers is easy, and can be done in minutes without tools by changing only a few parts. By rapidly changing the system it can be quickly configured for your next batch.

The systems compact design makes it so that the equipment can be placed within commercially available isolators, bio-safety cabinets or laminar flow hoods (LAFs) easily.  The Container Filling System's versatility, features and compact size makes it ideally suited for labs and cGMP environments for filling of small batch pharmaceutical products.

Applications include:

  • R&D, pre-clinical and process development
  • Clinical trial materials manufacturing
  • Pilot scale manufacturing
  • Personalized medicine
  • Compounding pharmacies
  • Stability studies


  • Accurate & gentle peristaltic dipensing
  • Simple format change-over
  • Programmable filling needle motion
  • Optional weigh cell integration for automated pump calibration
  • Compact system footprint allows for placement with an isolator, biological safety cabinet or LAF
  • Can be configured with multiple pump options including rotary piston
  • Capable of inert gas purging during filling

AST’s Container Filling System (CFS) is a versatile, bench top filling machine for semi-automated filling of vials, pre-filled syringes and cartridges.  The system is ideal for semi-automatic processing of small batch production in the laboratory or cGMP settings.  The system’s flexibility allows processing of a wide range of pharmaceutical containers.

The containers are manually placed on the machine by the operator.  Once the containers are positioned the machine initiates the filling process by placing the needle within the container and initiates the filling cycle with the peristaltic pump.  During the filling cycle the filling needle slowly lifts to maintain a set distance between the tip of the filling needle and the liquid line to minimize shear, foaming or agitation of the dispensed material. For applications where peristaltic pumps are not ideal, like dispensing viscous materials, the system can be configured with alternative options like a rotary piston pump.

To further enhance the dispensing operation, the Container Filling System can be equipped with the integrated in-process fill weight verification system (IPC) the system will automatically weigh the dispensed volume within the container to ensure that the volume meets the defined recipe requirements.  If the volume is outside of the recipe value the IPC will automatically calibrate the pump without any manual operator intervention.

An advanced motion control system allows operators to conveniently carry out all parameter adjustments directly at the touchscreen interface.  In addition to providing intuitive operation and recipe management, the control system can create batch reports that can be printed or stored directly to the user’s information system.

The aseptic and compact design of the machine makes it well suited for aseptic environments provided by isolators, biological safety cabinets or laminar air flow (LAF) hoods.  The system is completely compatible with hydrogen peroxide isolator bio-decontamination, and can be manually cleaned using common reagents like isopropyl alcohol and sporicides.

Changing between different containers is easily performed without tools by simply removing a few change parts.  With few change parts and a disposable fluid path the machine can be quickly changed from one container to the next in a matter of minutes.

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Technical Information

Dimensions (LxWxH):

725mm x 500mm x 630mm


Vials, Syringes & Cartridges

Vial Finish:

13mm, 20mm, 32mm

Vials Sizes (Dia./Height):

Ø16mm-47mm / 35mm-100mm

Syringe Sizes:

0.5mL - 20mL

Cartridge Sizes:

1-5mL (pre-capped or pre-plungered)

Production Rate:

Up to 15 cycles per minute

Fill Accuracy:

Up to +/-0.5%

Electrical Utilities:

110/220VAC – 60/50Hz.

Materials of Construction:

Pharmaceutical grade stainless steels and plastics

Available Options:

  • In-process fill wieght verification (IPC)
  • Rotary piston pump
  • Inert gas overlay
  • Batch reporting
  • Single-use disposable fluid paths
  • Product bag support stand

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