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Capping Sytems & Ready-To-Fill Vial Sealing

AST is a leader in providing the world-class capping equipment for sealing of ready-to-fill nested parenteral vials.  Our vial capping systems and equipment offer state of the art features including a machine vision system for stopper gap inspection, applied force monitoring and robotic vial handling to provide a comprehensive cGMP vial sealing solution.  AST’s vial capping systems design out common quality challenges including glass-on-glass and glass-on-metal contact throughout the vial sealing process.  The sealed vials once completely processed are returned back to the original nested packaging, thus minimizing waste and eliminating unnecessary equipment such as a tray loader.

AST’s vial capping systems are designed to be a standalone machine, integrated with AST’s ASEPTiCell or GENiSYS filling systems, or other OEM systems being converted to processing pre-sterilized nested vials.      

Applications include:

  • Clinical and commercial product manufacturing
  • R&D and process development
  • 503b Compounding Pharmacies


  • No tray loading equipment after capping required
  • Capping of ready-to-fill nested vials
  • Gentle robotic vial handling
  • Annex I compliance
  • Integrated applied force monitoring
  • Integrates with AST & other OEM filling systems

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